A new semester…

…have started…new things to learn…

Even if last year sucked on the personal plane at least my academic world was ok – despite my great loss. It still feels weird but I take one day at a time.

So…whats new? I rearranged the menu a little so its easier to see what I really study.

Two courses this semester will be so called “distancecourses” and I dont have to go to school to take them. That is pretty nifty 🙂 One of them are “Writing for the web”. The assignments for those will be uploaded here but will be in swedish – sorry guys. I will put a little “translationbox” at the bottom with english text so you will know what its about.

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Wonder of the Web

Ah…wonder of the web and…bah…who am I kidding…its just a webpage…and if youre not swedish you probably wont get anything of what it says anyway 😉

Ive been “fiddling” with webpages for a long time but it was AGES ago I handcoded anything so this is a first for me in that aspect. It dont look too shabby. The e-mailadress thats stated is one of my “spare ones” and not one I really check that often…just so you know…

I know its rather plain looking but I go with the “less is more” thing. Why smoother something with a lot of knick-knacks if half of it is failed not to work (its sooooo easy forgetting one of those commas etc).

Project Run-a-way…

2011/03/30 1 comment

…or not 😉

The project on this course (Graphic design) was to create a poster, a folder, a front of a webpage and finally a webbadge for either the program we are going (Culture & IT), a non-profit organisation (that could be connected to our program) or the new program about gaming at our university.

We started as a group of just two, but that suited us just fine since both me and “Skunkpiraten” arent that fond of groupworks (bad experiences). It wasnt that much that needed to be done anyways and already on the second day of work we were almost done. We tried to let others in by putting up a “ad” on the studentweb but I guess all were matched up already. Then I got a mail (since I was the projectleader – boyah!) from one that wanted to be with us since her previous group was to big and she felt she had nothing to do. Of course – she was welcome.

Anyways…now we are only waiting for the teachers to update the studentweb so we know what group we are “judging” and what group that will be judging us.

Here below you can see the front of the folder, the poster, the badge and the webpage.

       The Webbadge

    The Poster

 Webpage front


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Illustrate me…

2011/03/03 1 comment

“OMIGAWD”…or something…another assignment we have done…in illustrator…and…another “use yourself as template” or what to call it… ie doing a vectorpic of a photo of yourself. “Yay”

This is a thing Ive done so many times its…a bit boring…but ok…I do understand the concept…you learn to use different tools in illustrator and…thats is good…learning by doing is the best way to learn…reading to knowledge is one thing but when it comes to more practial things this is the way you learn…

Altho to be honest it was a little tricky at the end but mostly due to the fact I wasnt observant and placed the mask on the correct layer…but…stubborn as a pig in a blanket…I got it eventually…and here is the result;

Link to our teachers blog and her post on how to use a illustatorpic as a profilepic (I already have my Simpsons-Me pic): http://mtavt2011.blogspot.com/2011/02/hur-man-lagger-upp-sin-signum-bild-som.html

CD’s and Essays

Well…now the only thing you can do is wait…of the dreaded sound of the result of the essay…hopefully I will pass…The questions werent that hard but…well…some just didnt seem to make any sense to be honest… It was fun though to make pictures to it 🙂 You will be able to see the pics I made here later.

I can however show you my CD-covers. The first is the one I turned in for grading. The musicstyle I picked was one called “Psychobilly”.

Psychobilly is a fusion genre of rock music that mixes elements of punk rock, rockabilly, and other genres. It is one of several subgenres of rockabilly which also include thrashabilly, trashabilly, punkabilly, surfabilly and gothabilly. Psychobilly is often characterized by lyrical references to science fiction, horror and exploitation films, violence, lurid sexuality, and other topics generally considered taboo, though often presented in a comedic or tongue-in-cheek fashion. It is often played with an upright double bass instead of the electric bass more common in modern rock music. Psychobilly gained underground popularity in Europe beginning in the early 1980s, but remained largely unknown in the United States until the late 1990s.Since then the advent of several notable psychobilly bands has led to its mainstream popularity and attracted international attention to the genre.  (from Wikipedia: Link)

The songtitles are swedish “scarymovies”…

I was bored so I made another cover. Not sure what I was thinking here but I think you can see my “inspiration” 😉

Sign me up buttercup!

Well…most of us have encountered this world of blogging so I shouldnt really have to “tell” you how you become a “follower” right? I mean…its not “that” difficult 😉 (the most tricky part is actually to keep the blog updated…I usually forget 😉 Im so lucky my head is attached, otherwise I would probably forget it somewhere).

Anyway…easiest way to subscribe to my blog is to either press the nifty button for it here on the right, then you get a little note by mail telling you that I have written something new OR just press the RSS button above it 🙂

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Pearls as Pixels

2011/02/20 2 comments

Tada! Im done! This is a gift for a friend Ive been working on for a few days. Its all made by plastic pearls. When I was doing it I started to think of the pearls as pixels. Close up, one by one, you cant really see what the picture is, but like magic the image appears as soon as you step back (or zoom out). This “pearly picture” is 45 x 45 cm and have a whopping 8100 pearls. The most difficult part was to frame it with the doublesided stickything on the back…it stuck allright but in – of course the wrong places so I had to cut it all out and redo it… The pic above shows the “before” when I just had laid the parts on the floor.

A close up – WHA – with ME – *GWAH!!*  NEW pic quickly!!!!

Ahh…there we go…. After some cursing, muttering and *evil monkey stares* at the “thing” I got the final result:

Looks pretty good for making it for the first time…

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